Best Spearfishing Gear for Beginners

Best Spearfishing Gear for Beginners


Trying to get into spearfishing but don’t know where to start? In this post we will go over all of the gear that you will need to get in the water and start catching fish immediately. Down below is a list of all the gear that you can purchase off of Amazon without breaking the bank. Let’s get started!

#1 Snorkel Mask 

This Cressi mask is great for all divers it offers a good seal around the face and has high quality tempered glass for better visibility under water. The snorkel itself is very comfortable and has a float so when you go underwater no seawater gets in the snorkel if water does get in it has a drain at the bottom so water can drain out easily. I got this mask for $57.10 prices may vary depending on color and  Availability.


#2 Spear Gun

This spear gun from Cressi is another great piece to add to the collection I chose the 75 cm gun because it offers the best range and power for the price, its relatively easy to load and tremendously easy to shoot. Coming in at $119.95 you’d be hard pressed to find a gun with this quality at a cheaper price.


#3 Dive Buoy 

Dive buoy are super important it allows for boaters to see where you are on the water and avoid you. I picked this dive bouy because its cost effective, compact able, and highly visible. This bouy comes in at a cost of $29.95.


#4 Diving Fins

These diving fins are great for snorkeling, I’ve never felt faster underwater while using these. They are very comfortable and come with a great carrying case which i found can fit all of my spearfishing gear into. These long diving fins are priced at $129.95 and are worth every penny.


#5 Gloves 

You may think diving gloves, do i really need gloves underwater? The answer is YES there’s nothing worse than grabbing hold of a fish and getting stuck with a spine, these gloves are cut resistant so your hand will be safe from spiny fish or sharp barnacles. These hammerhead gloves are priced at $19.99.


#6 Dive socks

Dive socks keep your feet from getting blisters and provide that extra snugness so your flippers wont come off underwater. These Xuker socks are very comfortable and are high ankled which provide a little bit more support. These socks are priced moderately at $16.49. 


#7 Dive Belt / Weights

Dive belts with weights will help you get underwater faster while using less energy to do so, it also provides a location for you to clip your buoy line to. I found that this belt from Cressi is comfortable and stays tight underwater. This Belt is priced at $14.95.


#8 Anti Fog 

There is nothing more frustrating than a foggy mask, this anti fog from Jaws keeps you snorkel mask fog free while diving. The anti fog comes in at $7.49  a bottle making it the cheapest thing on our list.



After its all said and done we’ve spent $395.87 before taxes on all of our spearfishing gear. Now 400 dollar may seem like a lot but when it comes down to it the amount of fun and food you’ll get out of this sport will out weigh the costs. Now get out there and catch some fish!! 



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